From thrill-seeking grandparents to teetering tots, some of the best vacations are those where the whole family is together.

Every family is different, and it can be a lot of work pleasing everybody. We know exactly how to eliminate stress, uncertainty, and ‘are we there yets.’ These finely tuned trips are designed to strike a balance of keeping kids entertained, parents excited and everybody in high spirits.


Family Travel - Paddle Boarding

Soak up the summer sun

Fill your days paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking and speed boating on Lake Tahoe. Spend your nights grilling, playing cards and star gazing.

Family Travel - Zip lining

Zip into spring

Costa Rica epitomizes “fun for the whole family.” Enjoy lush jungles with curious wildlife, stress melting hot springs and charming beach towns!

Family Travel - Diving

Dive into the New Year

Consider spending the winter holiday in the Galapagos Islands. Turtle eggs are hatching, iguanas are active, and it’s prime snorkeling season.

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When planning Family Travel we pay special attention to:
  • ACTIVITIES so kids (from tots to teens) are entertained all day – and tired all night!
  • OPTIONS We’ll only recommend destinations (or accommodations) that have diverse entertainment offerings so grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and children ALL enjoy the experience.
  • EASE and eliminating headaches so your vacation actually serves as time to recharge.