Bachelorette Parties


In an ideal world, bachelorette parties are fun. Daydreaming about everything you want to do to celebrate the bride is exciting. But as we all know, organizing the vision in your head into a cohesive plan can quickly devolve into madness.

One person ends up balancing the opinions, preferences and budgets of 10 people and it’s a high school group project all over again. Outsource the stress. Hand over the guest-list and let us coordinate the party of a lifetime!

Personalized Planning for a Party You Will Never Forget.



If your group hasn’t settled on a destination, Monarch & Swift can advise on a good fit based on the groups interests.

Itineraries Include

Coordination of excursions, experiences and tours

Accommodation recommendations and booking

Transportation coordination, including advice on how to best maneuver throughout the destination

Recommendations on restaurants, bars and cafes

Daily routes are efficiently planned. From meals to activities and anything in between, we’ll plan down to the last detail, arranging each day to make the most of each moment!

Information on must-see activities and attractions based on the recipients interests

Itineraries Include:

Accommodation recommendations and booking

Recommendations on restaurants, bars, and cafes
(includes reservation management)

Coordination of group activities.
Think excursions, activities, experiences or tours!

Transportation coordination, including advice on how to best maneuver your destination

Reservations, confirmations, and contact information is
stored within your itinerary for easy access.

Recommendations on bachelorette specific décor, treats, and games (obviously aligned to the bride’s personality)

Unlimited itinerary revisions

Location Inspiration

Palm Springs

90 minutes outside of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is known for its stylish hotels and midcentury-modern architecture. An added benefit?! The pool front cocktail scene is a V.I.B.E. For brides who want glitz, but also exposure to the outdoors you’re only a short drive from Joshua Tree where you can take a day trip and absorb the breathtakingly unique landscape.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe boasts an exquisite food and cocktail scene, dazzling scenery, high caliber art, resplendent architecture endemic to the US Southwest and endless markets, boutiques, and pop ups! The town is highly walkable making it a FUN and CONVINIENT place to throw a party.

Theme’d for the Bride

Is your bride the worlds biggest Dolly Parton fan?! Let’s throw Dollywood Bash, the likes of which have never been seen! Or perhaps the bride is a wellness enthusiast. Let us curate a retreat deep within the jungle of Belize. At Monarch & Swift, we love a theme and we live to design niche itineraries specifically targeted for our clients.

Honeymoon Planning


Did you know 67% of people have fought with a travel companion due to stress caused by trip planning?!

Planning a honeymoon means adding even more to a couple’s already intimidatingly long to do list. After a hard charging few months, let us plan a honeymoon where the couple is able to truly relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company without having to bog themselves down with the hassle of planning.


Gift the LUXURY of a shorter to do list.

We take care of the planning
They show up.

This gift is extra fun for bridesmaids or groomsmen who want to give something more personal.
Combine the purchase of a bachelorette party itinerary with honeymoon planning for the ulitmate good-time-guarantee on all wedding related trips.


7 day itinerary


Buy a bach party itinerary + honeymoon services and get $100 off 1-week honeymoon

14 day itinerary


Buy bach party itinerary + honeymoon services and get $250 off 2-week honeymoon

All purchases are redeemable until December 31, 2022.
The TRIP doesn’t have to occur before then, but leveraging the service does!

If the couple hasn’t settled on a destination, Monarch & Swift is equipped to advise on a good fit for their honeymoon.





For an additional $100 you receive a digital travel
booklet including critical information related to your

Pre Travel Logistics: country-specific entry/exit requirements, information on health requirements, and  instructions on how to obtain travel visas


Helpful Healthcare Tips: information on travel insurance, the healthcare system of the country you’re visiting and how to access the nearest hospital

How to Prepare Checklist: airline  stipulations (luggage, fee’s, etc.), COVID protocols, cell phone coverage, currency, and ATM information


Emergency Information: hospital locations &  phone numbers, police station locations & phone numbers, embassy location & contact information


Country-Specific Etiquette: tipping, cultural do’s/don’ts


Best Apps specific to the area you are traveling to. Think food delivery in the UK, scooter availability in Santa Monica, rideshare in Colombia!  


Advisement on Offline access: Prepare for offline access so you're still connected even when your trip is international or highly rural and internet and data connection is unlikely. Get step by step instructions on how to download and use Google Maps & Translate and set them up so you're still connected, anytime

Key Language Phrases


City Maps




Packaging for a trip can be stressful but
it doesn’t have to be with the Monarch & Swift Packing List.

This digital packaging list provides you a complete list of
items recommended for your trip so you never have to
over (or under) pack again!

Memories to last a lifetime

If you have questions or want more information, contact us!