How It Works

We build strong connections from the start, paying great care to your interests so we can deliver tailor-made itineraries, brimming with hand-picked experiences extending far beyond any guidebook recommendation.



Complete this questionnaire and provide high level information on the trip you envision. The questionnaire serves as our launching point.


Next we'll schedule a 1 on 1 conversation to discuss every aspect of your trip, delving into your special interests, travel goals and trip logistics. It's important for us to understand your preferences, including what would spoil a trip, so we can create a truly personalized itinerary.


Leveraging our past experience, connections and industry expertise, we’ll get to work bringing your vision to life.


Once we’re confident we’ve curated an itinerary to your specifications, we’ll meet to review, answer questions, and make any adjustments. We’re not satisfied until your expectations are met 100%.


Prepare for a memorable and hassle-free vacation! All pertinent details, reservations and contact information are organized and easily accessible. We’ll be in touch the days leading up to your departure to answer any last minute questions.


With your Monarch & Swift itinerary in hand you'll shake off the limitations of being a typical tourist and experiences places as locals do. You're going to have an extraordinary adventure and we can't wait to hear about it!

Once you’re back from your trip we’d love to connect to debrief on which elements made your trip truly remarkable!



Trips 0-4 days
$100 per day



Trips 5-7 days
$75 per day



Trips 8-14 days
$60 per day


For trips longer than 14 days, please reach out to us for a customized quote!

All itineraries include:

  • Information on cannot miss activities and attractions based on your interests
  • Coordination of excursions, experiences and tours
  • Accommodation recommendations and booking
  • Transportation coordination, including advice on how to best maneuver your destination
  • Recommendations on restaurants, bars and cafes (reservation booking available upon request at no additional cost)
  • Daily routes are efficiently planned. From meals to activities and anything in between, we’ll plan down to the last detail arranging each day according to neighborhood so you can make the most of your time!
  • Reservations, confirmations, tickets and contact information is stored within your itinerary for easy access.
  • Unlimited itinerary revisions




For an additional $100 you receive a digital travel
booklet including critical information related to your

Pre Travel Logistics: country-specific entry/exit requirements, information on health requirements, and  instructions on how to obtain travel visas


Helpful Healthcare Tips: information on travel insurance, the healthcare system of the country you’re visiting and how to access the nearest hospital

How to Prepare Checklist: airline  stipulations (luggage, fee’s, etc.), COVID protocols, cell phone coverage, currency, and ATM information


Emergency Information: hospital locations &  phone numbers, police station locations & phone numbers, embassy location & contact information


Country-Specific Etiquette: tipping, cultural do’s/don’ts


Best Apps specific to the area you are traveling to. Think food delivery in the UK, scooter availability in Santa Monica, rideshare in Colombia!  


Advisement on Offline access: Prepare for offline access so you're still connected even when your trip is international or highly rural and internet and data connection is unlikely. Get step by step instructions on how to download and use Google Maps & Translate and set them up so you're still connected, anytime

Key Language Phrases


City Maps




Packaging for a trip can be stressful but
it doesn’t have to be with the Monarch & Swift Packing List.

This digital packaging list provides you a complete list of
items recommended for your trip so you never have to
over (or under) pack again!